Volcanic Pompeii: Skip the line Best of Pompeii Tour & Vesuvius

Guide Fee: € 360 (6 hr tour)

Transportation: Mercedes Minivan with private Driver

Cost: € 330 from/to Naples or Sorrento (up to 6 passengers)

Entry tickets: Pompeii € 15 per person (free for travelers under 18 yrs with a valid ID); Vesuvius € 10 (no reductions)

This tour will take you to the most incredible and well preserved archeological site in the world and on the top of the Vesuvius, which caused its burial.


We will start with a visit of Pompeii during which the following places will be on the itinerary: the Forum and its public buildings, the Temples, the Thermal Bath, the Big Theatre, a private housesnack bars and shops. Marvel at the fabulously preserved frescos and mosaics which adorn the walls and floors of the villas. And see first hand the most dramatic evidence of what happened on 79 AD: the casts of the people who perished during the eruption. Then we will drive along the slopes of the Vesuvius.

A still active volcano, and one of the most dangerous in the world, you will walk up to the top where a volcanoligist will take you around the nowadays crater. There you will see steam coming up from the crater, a sign of the fact that the volcano is still active.

On clear days the views from the top are simply breathtaking.



    Skip the line best of Pompeii Tour

    Guide Fee: € 180 (3 hr tour) Transportation: Mercedes Minivan with private Driver (recommended) Cost: € 240 from / to Naples or Sorrento (up…