Secret Of Florence: City Center Stroll

Guide Fee: € 180 (3 hrs tour)

Uncover the secrets behind Florence’s most iconic sites on this tour that will take you through the highlights of the city center and then to corners of Florence you might not have found on your own. Between the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo discover the stories and characters who made this city unique as you explore Santa Croce, the collection of statues in the Signoria Square and the Medieval district and even meet local artisans who continue the city’s ancient artistic traditions today.


This can be an introductory tour to Florence if you’re new to the city or, if you’ve visited before, we can adapt it to include more off-the-beaten track sites such as the Laurentian Library or the Medici Chapels or see frescoes by Masaccio or Beato Angelico.

Suggested Addition: Add one hour to this tour to skip the line at the Academia to see Michelangelo’s David or add two hours to the tour to visit the Uffizi Galleries collection of Renaissance paintings.



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