Michelangelo vs. Leonardo

Nothing produces better art than a war between rivals. On this tour you’ll not only discover the battle of ideas and egos between greats like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci you’ll discover the rivalry between Brunelleschi and Ghiberti, and even the Medici family and the republic.

Skip the lines at the Academia to see Michelangelo’s David before passing the Palazzo Medici to visit the Leonardo da Vinci museum with its interactive machines that bring the pages of the famous notebooks to life.


We’ll stop in front of Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise and gaze up at the dome of the Florence Cathedral, Brunelleschi’s masterpiece before heading to the Piazza della Signoria where our story takes us back to Michelangelo v. Leonardo and the threat the Florentine Republic had on Medici power as we explore how each ruler of the city used art in their quest for power.

The art might be pretty but the stories behind these iconic pieces reveal the fierce egos, competition and even downright battle required to achieve it. We’ll delve deep into the works of the geniuses who left their mark on Florence.



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