Life And Death In Ancient Rome: Underground Rome, The Catacombs, An Ancient Bathhouse & Appian Way

Guide Fee: € 270 (4.5 hrs tour)

If you’ve already visited the Colosseum or would prefer to avoid crowds, this tour of off the beaten track sites explores the daily life of the ancient Romans from the perspective of the people themselves: at an ancient Roman bath house, an underground archeological site, one of the early Christian catacombs and one of the oldest roads to Rome. You can also combine a few of these sites with the classic Ancient Rome tour for a blend of precisely what interests you! For example: visiting the Colosseum, catacombs and the underground site would be a 3.5 hour tour.


This tour can include:

-A visit to the colossal ruins of the Baths of Caracalla to see where most Romans spent their free time (working out, lounging in enormous pools, receiving beauty treatments and reading in the library and more). Entry ticket: €8 per adult, €5 for kids

-One of Rome’s most fascinating archeological sites where you can literally walk back in time from a medieval Basilica at street level down to an ancient buried church and further still to the original Roman streets, temple and public housing that were buried and forgotten for centuries until one very intrepid priest decided to do a little digging. Entry ticket: €10 per person, free for kids

-The early Christian catacombs: miles long underground labyrinths where Christians buried their dead for hundreds of years. Now you can walk the same corridors, see ancient frescoes, decode the early Christian symbolism and get an idea of how the living honored the dead in both pagan and Christian Rome. Entry ticket: €8 per adult, €5 for kids

-A short walk along the Via Appia Antica, an ancient Roman highway constructed in the 4thcentury BC to transport troops to the south. This road tells the story of soldiers, merchants, pilgrims  and the every day men and women who made Rome what it was.

To see all of these sites I would recommend the use of a driver as they are all spread out. Wecould also take taxis in between sites. A Mercedes sedan is an additional € 40 per hour and a minivan is an additional € 50 per hour. We could also take taxis in between sites.



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