Art, Food & Neighborhoods Of Rome Tour

Guide Fee: € 240 (4 hrs tour)

On this tour of three of Rome’s most picturesque neighborhoods you’ll get to taste a little bit of everything – literally! Visit sites occupied by the city’s wealthiest noble families as well as everyday workers as you sample Renaissance frescoes, medieval mosaics, and tasty street food to better appreciate Roman life then and now.


You’ll see Rome from the eyes of the wealthy Renaissance family who had Raphael decorate their Villa with sumptuous frescoes in contrast with the perspective of Rome’s historically poor neighborhoods as we stroll the twisting alleyways of Trastevere and the historic Jewish Ghetto now rich with history and off the beaten track artistic gems. Finally we’ll visit the Campo dei Fiori area where medieval pilgrims flocked to the eternal city for centuries and where we’ll get our fill of local Roman street food, pastries, coffee, wine, and salami and cheeses to learn what romans ate then and now.

This morning tour lasts four hours and the tastings can be customized to your group (small snacks along the way, more focus on food and tasting, more or less wine – just let me know!). Cost of tastings additional and range from a few euros to €40 per person depending on where you decide to go.



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